Marvel World of Heroes game announced: Play as Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man in AR world

Marvel World of Heroes game announced: Play as Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man in AR world

Niantic has announced another AR game called Marvel World of Heroes. This time, Niantic has upgraded from Pokemon to the Marvel landscape. The Marvel World of Heroes will bring all popular characters and their powers to the players of the AR game. Marvel World of Heroes is an AR mobile game that brings the iconic Marvel Universe into the real world and is scheduled to launch globally in 2023.

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The developers of the new Marvel World of Heroes game claim that the players become their own unique Marvel superheroes. Marvel World of Heroes extends gameplay into the real world by giving it an AR medium. The game is available for pre-registration via the game’s website. You will have to provide your email ID, date of birth, and region.

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Within the game, the players will be able to Create their own hero, patrol their neighborhood to foil crimes, and team up with friends as well as iconic Marvel heroes such as Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine to save the Multiverse.

There’s a new character avatar system in the Marvel World of Heroes which will allow players to modify their avatar’s different body types, gender expressions, and outfit customization.

Players will arrive at a location, view and interact with it through the lens of a Marvel Super Hero. Players interact with these locations and form their own origin stories.

Neil Melville, Lead Game Designer, said, “It has been a joy to work with this talented and passionate team in crafting a game that will let players get a taste of the Super Hero lifestyle right in their own neighborhoods. It is my goal that this game instills in its players feelings of freedom, power, curiosity, and cooperation, and will inspire them to make the world a better place.”

The game developers have promised players that they will be allowed to travel to multiple alternate realities in the Marvel Multiverse to engage with different characters and stories in the same location.

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