Ubisoft launches new battle royale game to rival BGMI on Android, iOS

Ubisoft launches new battle royale game to rival BGMI on Android, iOS

Ubisoft has launched a new battle royale game called Wild Arena Survivors. This is a new game that has been built ground-up just for mobile. The game was introduced to beta testers earlier this year in the month of June and the beta ended around July. Now, the game is available for all players on Android and iOS. Unlike the popular 100-player format on battle royale games, Ubisoft has opted for a 40-player format. This new game comes at a time when BGMI, the most popular Battle-Royale, T

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In the new battle-royale game, players will get to choose their own character called ‘Survivor’ to fight in the battles with 40 players on one map. The fight will happen on an exotic island for resources which will then make your survivor stronger. Players will also have to defend themselves against wild animals along with the fight with other players.

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Storyline: Wild Call festival

In the new game, there is a new criminal madman billionaire who is hosting a cultural festival on his private island, promising a life-changing experience. Many thrill-seekers have joined from all over the world – but they got more than what they asked for! Now trapped on the isolated island, they are forced to participate in his violent, crazy games – who will be the last true Survivor?

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Upgrade Survivors

The players will get to play up to 13 unique survivors with their own weapons, abilities and playstyles. The players will be able to collect resources and level up their skills to unlock different powers. Resources will be made available to upgrade weapons and items during each match.

Battle Royale duration

The players will jostle for the top rank in the battle royale segment with other players and they will be offered fast-paced matches. The game is expected to last 10 minutes per match.

Game Modes

The players will also get to choose other modes like Solo Mode in which you take-up arms alone against other 39 players. There’s also an HR mode in which the player teams up with other players in Duo Mode.

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