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Csíksomlyó rurAllure Introduce

This App is the complement of the rurAllure portal for pilgrimage routes in Europe. Both (portal + App) are the main public services for planning and enjoying your trip.

You can activate your previously designed plans or fill in the form with a starting and ending place, dates and topic preferences. You will get a personal daily plan divided in hours and days. You can also access to recommended plans from organizers and other pilgrim plans you can join or use as inspiration for yours.

Once in the route, This App will suggest new stops, help you to reorganize the plan or listen narratives that will accompany you when walking. You will also have access to vendors (local service providers for transport, accommodation, eating, leisure activities, etc.) to enrich the diversity of options around the route for every type of pilgrims in the rural environment rurAllure is focused on the establishment of a bottom-up approach towards the promotion and enjoyment of the cultural heritage treasured by thousands of rural locations all over Europe. The technological platform provides cultural, economic and political agents with accessible and cost-effective means to promote their assets online and to gain visibility specifically among pilgrims that would otherwise go without noticing.

The rurAllure available routes are:

Ways to Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Ways to Rome (Italy)

Ways to St Olav (Norway)

Ways of Csíksomlyó (Romania)

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