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Nodef Photo Filters & Effects

  • Name:Nodef Photo Filters & Effects
  • Genre:Photo & Video
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  • Systems:IOS
  • Version:0.1
  • Release Time:06-09-22 11:03:29

Nodef Photo Filters & Effects Introduce

Nodef is a node-based photo filters mixer that allows you to blend and composite image filters from a library of over 150+ filters. These filters enable you to apply many different types of photo effects, distortions, blurs, tilings, transitions, transforms, styles, and color corrections on your image.

On top of that, the app features an innovative and unique Node Pipeline (node-based editor) for compositing filters from the library. A Presets gallery with many different samples on filter compositing is also provided.

Node based Compositing on Mobile with Node Pipeline

You are truly only limited by your imagination!

With Nodef, you can create a Gradient, Tile, Star light, QR Code, or Sunbeam, and then distort it with a Bump, Circle Splash, Circular Wrap, Droste, Torus Lens, Twirl distortion, and finally, blend it with an Addition Blend, Subtract Blend, Difference Blend, Divide Blend, Luminosity Blend, Pin Light Blend, Saturation Blend, Color Burn Blend, Overlay Blend, Color Dodge Blend, Darken Blend, Source Atop, Source In, Source Out, or Source Over composite filter with the original or a different image.

Or you can distort your image with a Displacement, Glass, Glass Lozenge, Hole, Light Tunnel, Pinch, Stretch Crop, or Vortex distortion, and then Color Correct it with an Exposure, Gamma, Exposure, Color Clamp, Matrix, Hue, Temperature, Tint, Tone Curve, Vibrance, or White Point Adjust filter.

Or you can first apply a Photo Effects Filter: Chrome, Fade, Instant, Mono, Noir, Process, Tonal, Invert, Monochrome, Posterize, False Color, Transfer, Sepia Tone, Vignette, or Vignette Effect, and then blur it with a Box Blur, Disc Blur, Gaussian Blur, Masked Variable Blur, Median Filter, Motion Blur, Noise Reduction, or Zoom Blur filter.

Or you can generate a Checkerboard, Lenticular Halo, Stripes, Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient, or Gaussian Gradient, and then apply a transform such as Affine Transform, Crop, Lanczos Scale Transform, Perspective Correction, Perspective Transform, Perspective Transform With Extent, or Straighten Filter.

Or you can apply a halftone effect: Circular Screen, CMYK Halftone, Dot Screen, Hatched Screen, or Line Screen, and then sharpen it with a Sharpen Luminance or Unsharp Mask filter.

Or you can apply a Stylize Filter: Bloom, Comic Effect, Convolution Matrix, Crystallize, Depth Of Field, Edges, Edge Work, Gloom, Height Field From Mask, Hexagonal Pixellate, Highlight Shadow Adjust, Line Overlay, Pixellate, Pointillize, Shaded Material, Spot Color, or Spot Light, and then tile it with an Affine Tile, Fold Reflected/Rotated, Glide, Ops, Parallelogram, Perspective Transform, or Kaleidoscope filter.

Finally, you can also apply different image transitions such as Bars Swipe, Copy Machine, Disintegrate With Mask, Dissolve, Flash, Mod, Page Curl, Ripple, or Swipe, and then extract image information with a Histogram, Area Average, Row Average, Column Average, Area Maximum and Area Minimum.

Nodef offers the following subscription:

Name: Filters Compositing

Description: Full Compositing Capabilities

In the Free version, the app downscales your photo and enables only up to 3 nodes for compositing in the Pipeline screen. A Subscription removes all these limitations.

Price: USD$4.99 per Month

Terms and Conditions

Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage or turn off auto-renew in your Apple ID account settings at any time after purchase.

This app is available under the Standard Apple Terms of Use (EULA):

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