• Name:PROCharge
  • Genre:Travel
  • Size:43.3 MB
  • Systems:IOS
  • Version:1.0
  • Release Time:06-09-22 11:03:08

PROCharge Introduce

Procharge lets EV drivers/owners:

1. Search, Filter and Locate nearest EV Charging Stations compatible with their Electric Vehicle(s)

2. Reserve an EV Charging Slot

3. Navigate to the selected EV Charging Station

4. Authenticate with help of RFID or QR Code

5. Start and Stop Charging through the App

6. View Live Charging Status on the App

7. Pay for the EV Charging Session through a Closed Wallet or Paytm.

8. Get the Charging Invoice on the App

9. Further the user can track the entire history of transactions /charging done till date through the app

10. View Charging Station Reviews and actual Site Photographs

11. Use the same system on the web through your desktop/laptop

PROCharge Screenshot