Idle Monster Evolution DOWNLOAD

Idle Monster Evolution

  • Name:Idle Monster Evolution
  • Genre:Lifestyle
  • Size:186.4 MB
  • Systems:IOS
  • Version:1.0
  • Release Time:07-09-22 15:40:01

Idle Monster Evolution Introduce

《Idle Monster Evolution》is an engaging RPG game of pets‘ adventure with PVP battles, come and build your strongest team and get ready to fight! Dozens of different shapes of pets can be collected and trained here, you can develop strategies to defeat the major bosses by matching the lineup, and PK with other players around the world, constantly improve the ranking and strive to enter the championship game, win rich experience and rewards, become the top trainer!



• Receive free gacha every day and redeem limited-time bonus.

• Upgrade your pets and evolve them to unlock cooler skins.

• Match your pets' lineup, continuously improve your combat power to defeat enemies.

• Join guilds, challenge guild bosses, donate items to get rewards.

• Enjoy a variety of adventures, challenge major bosses, daily dungeons, misty woods and so on.

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