• Name:HIEV-WNH
  • Genre:Business
  • Size:62.5 MB
  • Systems:IOS
  • Version:1.0.0
  • Release Time:07-09-22 11:14:01

HIEV-WNH Introduce

The HIEV-Utilities is a smart and connected EV charging which mobile solution. HIEV-Utilities digitally connect EV chargers, EV drivers and electric utilities (LDC) for a grid supportive EV charging. The HIEV-Utilities Mobile App allows LDCs to offer incentives to customers and real-time insights on EV charging status and charging behaviour; and allows the EV drivers to control, schedule, and manage EV charging. The app ensures that customers have a role in grid-supportive, low-cost EV charging.

The HIEV-Utilities App has the following features:

- Single sign-on integration with LDC.

- Integrates best-in-class, open standards for privacy.

- Real-time consumption and expense data.

- Smart scheduling.

- Personalized, multichannel notifications (in-app, emails, SMS, IVR).

HIEV-WNH Screenshot