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  • Genre:Photo & Video
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  • Systems:IOS
  • Version:2.0
  • Release Time:07-09-22 10:00:02 music video maker Introduce

Sepia camera app is a smart picture video maker with exciting features. This app has a pack of high-quality presets and filters to give your photos and videos a stunning look by capturing all the moments within a matter of seconds with your camera of choice and customized filter look for all different situations.

This video cam app helps you make creative videos that let you earn compliments from your beloved ones.

You can capture videos with different presets and apply color filters to give them a sensational look. However, this app is the best short video maker of 10 to 15 seconds video clips. However, this vid photo camera beautifies your images with colorized filters.

Similarly, it works as a handy photo maker camera to capture amazing pictures.

Having smart saved camera photo filter presets could be super helpful while hanging out with friends. However, this photo preset camera beautifies your images with colorized filters. To keep your sensation alive, you can save presets to use them later.

Let’s have fun and save ALL your memories forever in the most exquisite way.

== Slow Motion Video Maker ==

After keeping an eye on the trend. You can capture your most memorable moments with a built-in slow-motion camera. You can access it from the settings.

== Video Creator App ==

Giving the video a cinematic look is not so easy, but this video-camera app gives you the privilege to do it. Even you can use it as a vlog camera to unleash your talent. Create short videos on events or capture natural scenes.

== Photo Creator App ==

Capturing photos with high-quality photo filters is always a dream of photographers or people who love to create stylish images. Toggle bar filters allows you to choose your degree of effect to apply to your photos. Now people are so fascinated about selfies; our app allows you to use your front facing selfie camera.

== Presets & Filters ==

To give your photos a stunning look, filters play an impressive role. Therefore, we have added many color filters that are completely free to use. Most importantly presets can be modified and applied at any time along with the camera of your choice!

== Custom Presets ==

We appreciate users to explore their creativity. Once you have used any filter or settings, you can save it as a preset. Ultimately, it helps you get the desired results in your upcoming photos in the situation in which you want to use every time in seconds.


The app supports both landscape and portrait video modes. Camera timer enhance your caption accuracy. Bursts photo effect is another piece of creativity. HDR mode improves quality of your photos. Lastly, you can use night mode to enjoy a classic look.

How To Use Sepia Camera App?

There is no sign-up process; you can use the app directly. Here are some tips to explore photo video camera app.

• Choose the section of Photo, Video or Preset

• Choose camera you will use

• Choose filter mode with toggle bar

• Save the preset and access preset by pressing camera icon bottom left side

• Use flash, timer, HDR mode, slowmo video options

Sepia App Features:

World’s first & fastest to take photos and videos user friendly multi-camera smartphone camera app.

• Minimalistic and user-friendly interface

• select preset, point and shoot in seconds

• Multipurpose app with easy functionality

• Smart pics maker and video maker

• Helps to create short and slow videos

• Free presets and filters for users

• No in app purchases, everyone gets access to all of app’s features

Add extra energy to your masterpieces with the best photo video maker app! music video maker Screenshot