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Baotree Data Collector

  • Name:Baotree Data Collector
  • Genre:Business
  • Size:102.3 MB
  • Systems:IOS
  • Version:1.0
  • Release Time:07-09-22 09:30:02

Baotree Data Collector Introduce

An organisation registered with Baotree will add you to their data collection activities. Upon doing so, you will receive a text allowing you to download the app, set a password and start collecting data. To do so, you will select a task, capture photos and input specific data indicators related to that task. For example, if you are running a beach clean-up program in your community, the task you select may be \"Collecting plastic waste\" - take a photo of the plastic waste and then input data about how much plastic waste was collected by weight or number of bottles; the types of plastic; where it was collected and when it was collected.

Clicking “Save” will submit the data to an administrative dashboard where all data flows are aggregated and reported via an analytics dashboard, by project and by task.

Baotree Data Collector Screenshot