#FPM 22

  • Name:#FPM 22
  • Genre:Business
  • Size:125.5 MB
  • Systems:IOS
  • Version:1.0.0
  • Release Time:06-09-22 11:56:00

#FPM 22 Introduce

Use the #FPM 22 app to enhance your event experience by connecting with the right people, maximizing your time at the event. The app will help you discover, connect and chat with attendees at the summit.

This app will be your companion not only during the event but also before and after the summit, helping you to:

- Connect with the attendees who have interests similar to yours.

- Set up meetings with potential attendees (investors, mentors, industry CxOs) by using the chat feature.

- View the summit program and explore sessions.

- Create your own personalized schedule based on your interests and meetings.

- Get last-minute updates on the schedule from the organizer.

- Connect with leading vendors and suppliers through virtual booths.

- Access speaker information at your fingertips.

- Interact with fellow attendees in a discussion forum and share your thoughts on the event and issues beyond the event.

Use the app, you'll learn more. Enjoy the app and we hope you have a wonderful time at the Summit!

#FPM 22 Screenshot