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TRY - Restaurant picks for you Introduce

Pick where to eat like a pro foodie and share culinary experiences with friends and family.

When picking where to eat, TRY has the perfect place for you. Whether you have dietary restrictions, celebrating a special occasion, or planning a night out with friends, there’s something for everyone on TRY. Discover delicious recommendations for new places with exciting flavors or pick from your favorite restaurants.


Personalized restaurant picks are based on what you like, share, prefer, and what's trending.

TRY recommends better places that are perfect for you.


TRY stores preferences of cuisines, vibes, and supported causes to curate restaurant picks - for you.

Save vibes: Chill, Trendy, Romantic, Casual, Bar, Scenic, Fancy

Choose dietary restrictions: Gluten-Free or Vegetarian

Select your supported causes: Locally Owned, Black Owned, Woman Owned, Supports LGTBQ+

Pick food preferences: Breakfast & Brunch, Pizza, Hot Dogs, Barbecue, Sandwiches, Seafood, Barbeque, Tapas, Small Plates, Indian, Ice Cream, Cajun, Creole, Burgers, Wings, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Sushi, Salad, Southern, Mediterranean, and Steakhouses


TRY makes planning easy, accurately recommending places you will like.


Like and Share places with friends to make better suggestions.


Every restaurant pick shows how it matches your preferences.

The shared experience of food creates community, conveys our values, and expands our horizons. Eliminating the hassle of picking a restaurant is the first step towards higher quality experiences.

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