• Name:Vidio
  • Genre:Audio players
  • Size:unknown
  • Systems:Android
  • Version:3.0.15
  • Release Time:30-09-22 21:00:01

Vidio Introduce

Watch Indonesian TV channels, live soccer matches and other interesting events in Vidio anywhere from your phone. You can also find a complete collection of on-demand videos about news, sports, celebrity updates, funny videos and of course everyone's favorite series/Sinetron.

Enjoy various kinds of videos anywhere anytime:

- Live streaming from Indonesian TV channels, soccer matches and other interesting events.

- Latest and trusted news from Liputan 6.

- Popular sinetrons like Siapa Takut Jatuh Cinta, Anak Langit, Sodrun Merayu Tuhan, Orang Ketiga

- Favorite TV shows from SCTV, Indosiar, and O Channel like D'Academy, Stand Up Comedy Academy, Tercyduk series and other FTVs.

- Latest soccer & sports videos.

- Celebrity news and gossip.

- Video clips and live performances from your favorite artists, both Indonesian (e.g Noah, Geisha, Nidji, etc) and International, ranging from pop, dangdut, rock, kpop, hiphop, and all other music genres.

- Reference videos for holiday popular destinations in Indonesia and many other countries.

- Cooking tutorial for favorite recipes and latest culinary references.

- And many more creative & unique videos from renowned Indonesia's and international's video personalities.

You can also upload your own videos and share them with your friends!

Don't forget to join Vidio contest and win the prizes!

For questions & feedback, please drop an email to

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