Aqua Mail

  • Name:Aqua Mail
  • Genre:Chat
  • Size:unknown
  • Systems:Android
  • Version:1.2.4
  • Release Time:27-09-22 12:40:03

Aqua Mail Introduce

Aqua Mail combines advanced features you won't find in other e-mail apps with a basic layout. It lets you view and back up multiple inboxes with stellar custom menus. Its endless-scrolling and HTML coding support makes it a truly remarkable e-mail app.

If you're using mail services that require two-factor authentication, it may make this app tough to set up. You might have to generate an app-specific password or jump through other hoops to get in. Once you log in, your mailboxes sync really quickly. It only took Aqua Mail a few seconds to load an inbox that held thousands of messages. You can view any number of e-mails from the app's main list, with enough room to see a short summary and other details about your message. The app has a navigation bar that lets you compose, search, and even delete e-mails with only a few taps. Your messages and inboxes are color-coded, which you can change to three different themes. You can change every other way the app presents your contacts, e-mails, and more. There are a few additional settings like a night mode to turn your e-mail off and advanced security to keep your mail safe.

While easy to use, Aqua Mail includes just about everything you'd need from a mail app and features plenty of ways to tinker with your mail if you want. That makes it a really powerful app for power users and for users who just need to mesh their business mail with their personal messages.

Aqua Mail Screenshot