• Name:Ustream
  • Genre:Audio players
  • Size:unknown
  • Systems:Android
  • Version:3.2.2
  • Release Time:25-09-22 09:40:02

Ustream Introduce

Ustream is an incredible video streaming service that gives you the ability to watch others or host your own channel. The fast processing speed and awesome tools featured by this program are excellent for connecting, and besides a few small bugs, this application blows many of its competitors out of the water.


Engaging tools: While watching video streams, you are given the option to connect with others via the chat box. We found that most popular channels, like TMZ and OccupiedAir, have very active chat sessions that host users from all over the world. The helpful calendar tool also offers suggestions of upcoming events, such as concerts and news programs.

High-quality performance: Ustream is a responsive program first and foremost. Buffer speed was never an issue during our tests, and the video and audio quality of almost all broadcasts, including those which we streamed ourselves, were top-notch. We can confirm that the latest update moderately improved 24/7 streams as well.

Easy to use: You will enjoy Ustream's layout because it is quite detailed but also uncomplicated. Channels are organized by category and popularity, so you can quickly locate interesting content from the variety of streams offered.


Chat errors: We noticed that the chat feature for a few channels did not appear to be working despite Ustream's encouraging us to speak with other viewers. On other occurrences, the chat box would work, but we did not see any messages displayed, including our own.

Bottom Line

You will be happy with Ustream because of its fast service and reliability, and its overwhelming variety of channels is what makes it a one-of-a-kind application. Those who want to connect with fans and friends will love the broadcasting capabilities of this program, and anyone wishing to watch unique content will also enjoy using Ustream.

Ustream Screenshot