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minube: travel planner & guide

  • Name:minube: travel planner & guide
  • Genre:Lifestyle
  • Size:unknown
  • Systems:Android
  • Version:5.473
  • Release Time:06-09-22 16:55:40

minube: travel planner & guide Introduce

Minube helps you document places you've been, as well as plan future trips and share the details with friends. While the idea is a good one, and there are a few helpful features within, the overall execution falls flat.


Sleek interface: Minube has a beautiful interface. It's packed with beautiful travel photos that are inspiring for planning your next vacation. The overall layout is minimalist, which makes for easy navigation.

Find Hotels: The ability to find hotels was a highlight. Just enter your destination, your arrival date, number of adults, and the duration of your stay. The app very quickly displays a list of hotels and the prices, so that you can compare.


Short on options: The city we live in is known for having a ton of restaurants to choose from; however, when we selected To Eat to find a restaurant, only two appeared. What's more, we tried to find destination options within 500 miles of our location, and the app only came up with one option. Pretty disappointing.

Vague help: We were excited to revisit old vacation photos to pinpoint locations and add more details about our trip; however, when we tried to relive our trip using photos that we had taken with our phone, the app could not create our trip. According to the app, our photos were either not geo-localized, we didn't have enough photos, and/or there were problems with the photos themselves. We couldn't locate a help guide on the app, so that's as far as we got.

Bottom Line

We really wanted to like Minube. While there were features here and there that we found helpful, as a whole, it just didn't meet our expectations and therefore we can't recommend it.

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